Sakshi Tanwar

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Basic Details

Personal Details
Other Name / Also Known As : Sakshi
Profession : Actor
Gender : Female
Birthdate : 12th January, 1973
Birth Place : Alwar, Rajasthan, India
Status : Single
Height : 5 feet 4 inch(es) - (1.63 meter)
Debut Year : 2006
Active Years : 2006 - till date
Family Details
Father : Rajendra Singh Tanwar


Early Life

<p><b>Sakshi Tanwar wanted to be IAS officer</b></p><p>As a child Sakshi was an intelligent child. She was born in Alwar, a small town in Rajasthan. She was the youngest in the family. Both her elder brother and sister loved her so much that all her naughtiness was forgiven. <br></p><p>She was a pampered child but her family was deep rooted in ethics and moral values, hence she grew inculcating these good values. The values later played a key role in shaping her career, when she came to big cities like Delhi and Mumbai and had to stay alone. <br></p><p>Her father was a retired CBI officer. Hence like her dad she wanted to become an IAS officer. She did her schooling from Kendriya Vidyalayas. After her graduation from Lady Sriram College in Delhi, she began preparing for IAS Indian Administrative Services and simultaneously for Mass Communication Entrance Exams. <br></p><p><b>Sakshi Tanwar took up Salesgirl job to pursue her studies</p><p>While Sakshi was preparing for Administrative Services and Mass Communi

Personal Life

<p><b>Sakshi Tanwar is ready for marriage but believes destiny is not ready </b></p><p>In 2015 Sakshi was unnecessarily dragged into marriage by media, which wrote imaginative stories about her marriage to a businessman. <br></p><p>Further she was also linked with her co-star Ram Kapoor after a passionate kiss scene was depicted in their popular TV serial Bade Achhe Lagte Hai. <br></p><p>Angry at these unfounded gossips she clarified that she is unmarried. She mentioned that she comes from a cultured family and world perform arranged marriage but lamented that though she is ready for marriage but it seems destiny is not ready. <br></p><p>Though Sakshi has been flooded with marriage proposals bus she is still to find her Mr. Right. <br></p><p><br></p>


<p><b>Sakshi Tanwar came into glamour world of TV by chance</b></p><p>Sakshi Tanwar had no plans to enter TV industry. She had never participated in school dramas or at college. She had never dreamt of acting as she was planning to become an IAS officer but when she was still preparing for her IAS examination and side-by-side working at Taj Hotel, her friend called her to try luck as an anchor on TV.</p><p>In those days Doordarshan was the only TV channel and was quite popular. Since Sakshi was studying Mass Communication hence she had a good command in speaking. Also she was attractive and beautiful. Thus she was the ideal choice for being an anchor. </p><p>The TV show was Albela Sur Mela, a music-based show. It had two anchors - a lady and gents. On the day of the shooting the lady who was selected for the show did not turn up. The production unit was in tight corner. Suddenly Sakshi’s friend, who worked at Doordarshan called her and explained the grim situation, Sakshi understood and immediately rushed to


Sakshi Tanwar


Type of Filmography Movie Name Release Year Worked as Casted as Status
Movie Dangal 2016 Lead Actor - Released
Movie Shor Se Shuruaat 2016 Supporting Actor - Released

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