Mona Darling

Hindi Film     Horror, Thriller,     24 Feb 2017

Mona darling is a horror thriller film set up on the popularity of social media which plays a big role in our today's students lives. In the film Suzanna Mukherjee portrays the role of Mona.

There are sudden deaths in a leading college campus and they are linked to a Facebook friends request coming from a fake profile - Mona darling. The police are  foxed in solving the murders. The best friend of Mona, Sara (Divya Menon) also starts doing her own investigation. The college Principal Chaturvedi (Sanjay Suri)  is also totally concern with  the death of his students. Sara take help from Wiki (Anshuman Jha) to solve the mystery of the friends request coming on Facebook. 
The story goes into a totally horror scene when Mona herself is found dead and the friends request from her still continue to keep coming. The movie takes a terrifying turn when the real truth is revealed.  

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Indian Film History average overall rating of Mona Darling – 2.5/5

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Times Of India 2 5 Reza Noorani Click Here
SKJ Bollywood News 3 5 SKJ Bollywood News Click Here