Dia Mirza an Actress and Social Activist

Mar 18, 2017 - 09:52 hrs IST
Dia Mirza an Actress and Social Activist

Dia Mirza an actress and social activist  has been in the industry for over several years now says that stereotypes exist in all professions and not just Bollywood. 

At the recent 'Power Women's Seminar ', the actress in her speech said that when she joined the industry people had a notion that girls from good backgrounds do not join films which is not right.  The families who love actors and actresses and enjoy watching them on the screen and are ardent fans too but when it comes to letting their children into the industry they feel its not a good choice. 

The other difficult situation for the families to accept is when the woman is highly educated and earns well they feel she may not get a good husband or she may not be able to manage a home well.  So the actress talked about how we should eliminate such thoughts and educate people and find a solution to bring about the change.

Dia Mirza is married to Sahil Sangha says the women who are financially independent and are doing well for themselves in their profession can also easily handle such solutions.

Dia Mirza is in the limelight after a long gap and her last film was Salaam Mumbai in 2016.