Utterly Gutterly Atrocious

Released On - 01 Jan 2000     1hr 30min
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An utterly zany and fantastical performance for children of all ages!! Staged with participants from Worli Koliwada by Aarambh Mumbai, enabled and produced by G5A in partnership with IDFC FIRST Bank under their Project Swachh Worli Koliwada. A musical fantastical journey through Gutterland and its peculiar characters, Utterly Gutterly Atrocious is a delightful, witty spin on the classic tale of the hare and the tortoise for children and young adults. The play is set in a mystical world inhabited by many unusual folks - including a crazy colonel, a French spy, a mad king, a shrewd minister, many hares and tortoises, a young boy, Suvarna - and his mad, mad adventures through Gutterland. Through its dynamic and unexpected subplots and its many twists and turns, the play satirises and challenges our attitudes towards waste, class, and caste in a crazy, funny, bright, engaging and zany way. No preaching here!