Tuzyasathi Kahihi: A Marathi Film Promoting Social Causes

An Entertaining and Thought-Provoking Film with a Special Offer for Indian Audiences.

Tuzyasathi Kahihi” is a Marathi film featured in the eligibility list of India’s Oscar entries of 2023. The film was earlier released in Los Angeles, California, USA, and is now set to release in India with exciting offers and rewards.

Focused on the social cause of organ donation “Tuzyasathi Kahihi” is a drama film. Produced under the banner of Sankalp Karmanya Chitra and helmed by the multi-talented Dr. Sanjay, “Tuzyasathi Kahihi” brings together a compelling script, engaging direction, heartfelt storytelling, soulful music, and powerful lyrics. Dr. Sanjay’s involvement as the director, scriptwriter, storyteller, lyricist, and composer promises a cinematic experience like no other.

As mentioned earlier the film revolves around important social themes, including organ donation, respect for the deaf community, patriotism, women’s rights, and tiger conservation. It put together these subjects seamlessly into an entertaining narrative that captures the hearts of viewers while delivering thought-provoking messages. Audiences can expect a delightful combination of engaging storytelling, foot-tapping songs, and thrilling fight scenes that promise an unforgettable cinematic experience. To ensure the film reaches a wider audience, “Tuzyasathi Kahihi” is being screened with English subtitles, enabling non-Marathi speakers to appreciate its essence.

The film is offering a 50% concession on ticket prices starting from 130₹ with a chance of winning an exciting lucky draw. The showtimes for “Tuzyasathi Kahihi” at Plaza Theater are set for 10 am, allowing viewers to start their day with an entertaining film.

Don’t forget to watch this thought-provoking film focusing on crucial social causes faced by society.

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