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Atrangii TV To Air Korean, Turkish, And Russian Shows

Atrangii Tv Telecasts Korean, Turkish and Russian Shows

With the increased demand for international language content from the Indian audience ‘Atrangii Tv’ a free-to-air Hindi General entertainment channel is coming up with a solution. Founded by well-known CEO Vibu Agaarwal who also owns one of the most successful OTT platforms ULLU, Atrangi Tv telecasts distinguish series and shows with a limited number of episodes.

To cope with the increased request for international language content Atrangii Tv is all set to air Korean, Turkish, and Russian language content for the Indian audience. This content will be available in a Hindi-dubbed version with English subtitles. Starting on 17 July these high-in-demand shows will entertain every audience from the 15-plus age group. As producing original content has became to expensive; licensing and syndication is cheap option to obtain companies for making profits.

After expressing their excitement about introducing high-quality international dramas, particularly from Korea and Turkey Atrangii Tv said, there has been a growing demand for Korean and Turkish shows among Indian viewers, primarily consumed through OTT platforms  however, they acknowledge that there is still a significant portion of television households in India that lack access to high-speed internet. This has led them to re-evaluate their content strategy for their General Entertainment Channel (GEC).

Atrangii aims to bridge the content consumption gap between tier-one cities and television viewers in tier-two, three, and four regions of the country, where access to high-speed data is limited. Their goal is to bring the same quality content enjoyed on OTT platforms to television sets across the country, providing family-friendly viewing options. Mr. Agarwal, speaking on behalf of Atrangii, expressed their commitment to offering Korean and Turkish dramas to cater to the loyal fan base these shows have developed in India.

The Korean lineup on Atrangii TV includes popular drama series like “My Strange Hero,” “Love Temperature,” “My Lovely Girl,” “Divorce Lawyer in Love,” “Doctors,” “Birth of a Beauty,” “The Secret House,” and “The Second Husband.” Additionally, the Turkish content library consists of shows such as “Aziz,” “The Last Summer,” and “Broken Destiny.”

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