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Saif Ali Khan is fond of reading books, on National Reading Day the actor told the importance of books

Saif Ali Khan is fond of reading books, on National Reading Day the actor told the importance of books

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan is in discussion these days for his recently released film ‘Adipurush’. Protests are being held at various places regarding his Lankesh look in the film and there are serious allegations of hurting the religious sentiments of the people on the film. Now amidst all this, on National Reading Day, Saif expressed his love for books and explained their importance in his life.

Saif in his recent interview revealed the importance of books in his life and told that since childhood he has been very fond of reading books and he has always been a voracious reader. Along with this, he also told that his habit is also in his son Taimur. He is also very fond of reading books. Though he is still young, he will grow up to be a good reader too.

In an interview, Saif was asked when did his journey with books begin? To this the actor replied, ‘My journey with books started when I was very young. I must have started reading when I was seven or eight years old. I’ve always been an avid reader. I imagine it was only a matter of time before the era of VCRs and televisions started here. I like going to the library and spending time there.

Saif was further asked that there is a book which you can read many times and do not get bored even after reading it again and again. To this the actor said, ‘I can read all the classics over and over again. There are some such books, which you read in childhood, then you understand with your understanding at that time, but when you read the same books even after growing up, then your perspective of understanding things changes. You start understanding that book better.’

In this interview, Saif also told that when he comes back home tired after a long day and does not understand what to do, he sits down to read books. The actor finds peace by reading books.

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